Course Offered

Department of Pathology offers 270 hours' course during 2 years (1½ yrs to 3½ yrs of 5 yrs MBBS course) following the First Professional MBBS Examination.

Course Description

It is the science, which deals with acquisition, progression and outcomes of various diseases in the form of morphological and other laboratory investigations. Learning of pathology enables an individual to understand the natural course and complications of a disease or injurious agents and thereby helps in building a good foundation in every discipline of medicine. Therefore the knowledge of pathology helps to become a good physician in rendering efficient clinical practice.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Understand the mechanisms and pathological processes of the production of diseases
  • Carry out bedside laboratory tests and other simple laboratory tests (that are required in the diagnosis of diseases) specially in the rural areas, where services of laboratory personnel may not be available
  • Plan laboratory investigations in the diagnosis of diseases
  • Interpret laboratory results and understand their implications
  • Develop attitude for further learning and continuing education for improvement of efficiency and skill
  • Develop attitude and knowledge for research in the subject.
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