Forensic Medicine

A. Course Offered

Department of Forensic Medicine offers 195 hours of teaching comprising of Lectures, Tutorials and Practical. In addition observe 10 postmortem medico-legal autopsy at Dhaka Medical college and visit to Police Station, Forensic lab and Court.


B. Course Description

It is the science which deals with the interaction of medicine and law. The study of this subject requires basic understanding of all the branches of medical science and also and insight into the mechanism of law and legal procedure. This subject enables the judiciary to come to legal decisions both civil and criminals with the help of medical knowledge made comprehendible to it by medical persons. This subject also enables the medical man to practice medicine as per expectation of society regarding medical ethics as a professional and aware him the legal issue during practice.


C. Goal

The goal of teaching forensic medicine in undergraduate medical course is to produce physician who will be well aware and alert of their medical and medico-legal responsibilities and capable of discharging these duties in medical practice. Hence to produce competent, compassionate, reflective and dedicated health care professional who

  • Consider the care and safety of patients as their first consideration.
  • Establish and maintain a good relationship with patients, their attendants and colleague.
  • Are honest, trustworthy and act with integrity.
  • Are committed to keep their knowledge and skill up to date through continuous professional development in their professional life.


D. Course Objectives

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Practice medicine with conscience and dignity according to the codes of medical ethics.
  • Perform various medico-legal examinations and provide reports to the appropriate authority.
  • Diagnose and understand the medico-legal implications of common poisons.
  • Deals skillfully with common medico-legal issues.
  • Develop attitude of lifelong learner, critical thinker, self assessor and empathetic toward sick.
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